Probation Violation Bail Bondsmen

Probation Counselor Talking With Worried Teen

If Your Loved One Has Violated the Terms of Their Probation, Bail Will Likely Be Set Higher.

Probation violation is tricky business. Whether your friend or family member was arrested for drug trafficking or another felony charge, probation conditions carry stiff consequences if broken. There are several factors that will determine whether or not your loved one is eligible for bail at all. There are some cases however where pre-trial bail is allowed. In these difficult circumstances, we’d love to assist your family by making the bail process more affordable. If you’re in need of probation violation bail in Tulsa, OK or a nearby city, give our dedicated team at Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds a call at 918-592-2245!

Determining Bail for a Probation Violation

There are many cases where bail will not be allowed following a probation violation, especially if the violation is a second or subsequent offense. However, if the judge or magistrate in your loved one’s criminal case does allow bail to be posted, their are a few elements that will affect the price.

  • Criminal History
  • Type of Violation
  • Severity of the Violation

If your loved one has previously been convicted of a felony charge, bail price will likely be set higher. The conditions surrounding the violation will also come into play. Did your loved one fail to meet with a counselor as required, or did they charged with another crime? If they were charged with a crime, was it a misdemeanor (petty theft, for example) or a more serious crime? In general, you should expect a much higher price for bail than in the original criminal case.

When Your Loved One Needs Bail

At Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds, our team wants to help your friend or loved one avoid as much jail time as possible before their trial. That’s why we provide emergency bail and fast bail service, anytime during the week. If your friend or family member has been accused of a probation violation, you will likely need the service of a bail bondsman. Call our team today at 918-592-2245 to learn more about our probation violation bail in Tulsa, OK and nearby cities. We’ll help you get through this difficult situation!