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Bail Prices Can Be Pretty Expensive in Felony Cases, Which is Why Our Bonds Team is So Helpful.

When your family member or loved one has been arrested on a felony charge, you may not know who to turn to. While your attorney can help craft a proper defense, you need someone to ensure your loved one sees as little jail time as possible before trial. As with any other crime, felony bail prices are usually set by a judge or magistrate, and the cost can vary greatly. Because they carry steeper penalties than misdemeanor offenses, many families need assistance paying the costs.

That’s where our helpful team comes in! Our team of courteous bail bondsmen has decades of experience with providing assistance for felony cases, so we can ensure that your family member or friend is released on bail as quickly as possible. Anytime you need help, you can reach our team at 918-592-2245 for felony bail bonds in Tulsa, OK and surrounding cities.

Felony Charges and Determining Bail

Whether it’s for drug trafficking¬†or¬†stealing a smartphone, felony charges often carry weighty consequences in the state of Oklahoma. However, bail costs for felonies are priced differently based on a number of factors, including:

  • The value of items stolen (in theft charges)
  • Whether the suspect fled from or resisted police officers
  • Extent of Injuries inflicted on the victim (in case of DWI collisions or violent crimes)
  • Whether the suspect is a repeat offender
  • The type of crime
  • Potential flight risk of the suspect

In the some extreme scenarios, a judge can even deny bail to a suspect. This occurs sometimes for repeat offenders, suspects with a high flight risk, or if a judge determines there is a great risk of further violence against a victim. In the majority of felony cases however, a judge or magistrate will allow the suspect to be released on bail, which is where our experienced team can help you!

Timely Bail Bonds and Affordable Service

We want to make sure that your family member or friend faces as little jail time as possible prior to their court appearance. We understand that the cost of bail for many felony cases can be too expensive to pay in full, which is why we offer affordable felony bail bonds in Tulsa, OK and nearby cities. If you need assistance paying bail, call our team at 918-592-2245 and ask about our services!