Federal Bail Bondsmen

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The Bail Process in Federal Court Cases Often Takes More Time, So Call Our Team as Early as Possible.

Federal criminal cases are very similar to state cases, with a few key differences. The bail process can take much longer in federal courts, sometimes days or even weeks. No matter what type of federal crime your loved one has been accused of, our team at Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds can help! Learn more about our Tulsa, OK federal bail bonds service by speaking with a member of our courteous and knowledgeable staff! You can reach our office anytime by calling 918-592-2245.

The Difference Between Federal and State Bail

The process of determining bail is very similar between federal and state cases. However, there are additional methods of paying bail for federal charges. These include:

  • A Personal Guarantee From Family or Friend
  • Security Backed by Cash or Property
  • Corporate Surety Bond (Similar to a State Bond)

Federal charges often feature steeper penalties and higher bail costs than state crimes, which can make it difficult for friends and family members to bear the burden of the bail price alone.¬†Should the federal judge or magistrate on your family member’s case allow it, we’d love to provide assistance for your bail needs.

Federal Criminal Charges

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If Your Loved One Has Been Arrested for a Federal Crime, Contact Our Team For Federal Bail.

If you are wondering whether or not your loved one’s crime will be tried as a federal case, there are three key factors to consider.

  • Did the alleged crime occur on federal land?
  • Was a federal officer involved or the victim of the alleged crime?
  • Does the alleged crime cross state or national borders?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re loved one’s case will likely be charged in a federal court. Federal cases come with a unique sentencing process that’s different from state misdemeanor and felony charge cases.¬†Your friend or family member’s criminal history will likely effect the severity of the penalties and bail price.

Do you have a family member that has been accused of a federal crime? Should the federal judge allow it, we’d be happy to help your loved one be released pending trial with one of our federal bail bonds in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding cities. If you’d like more information about our federal bail services, give our team a call at 918-592-2245.