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If You Need Emergency Bail for a Loved One in Jail, Give Our Team a Call Anytime of Day!

Learning that a loved one has been arrested can be incredible stressful, especially when you are strapped for cash. If you are like millions of Americans living in Tulsa, OK, you live paycheck to paycheck and simply can’t afford the cost of bail. But you don’t want your family member or close friend to spend the night in jail, so what do you do? Call our team Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds and ask for help! With our team, your loved one could be out of jail in a matter of hours (or less in some cases). Our bail bondsmen work hard to ensure that your bonds are very affordable and accessible.

Want to learn more about our local emergency bail in Tulsa, OK? Give our team a quick call at 918-592-2245 and talk with one of our courteous experts.

The Bail Process in Tulsa

Once a suspect (your loved one) has been arrested, they will be taken to the county police office for processing or “booking”. This usually involves running a background check, fingerprinting, taking mug shots, and so on. Afterwards, your family member or friend will be taken to arraignment, where a judge or magistrate will examine the details of the case and determine the price of bail. Misdemeanor bail may be affordable, but felony charges could run in the thousands.

Without bail, a suspect often has to remain in jail until their trial. That could be a significant amount of time, even months of waiting for trial. However, when bail is paid, your loved one can be released to resume their normal day to day activities (as long as they appear at their scheduled court cases).

Fast Emergency Bail Service

Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds is dedicated to providing speedy and accessible services throughout the city. When you want to ensure that your family member or friend spends as little time in jail as possible before their trial, you should contact us for assistance. Even during late night hours, you can reach our team for emergency bail in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding communities. Want to learn more about our services or arrange a consultation? Call our office today at 918-592-2245!