More Affordable Drug Charge Bail Bonds

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Oklahoma is Tough on Drug Crime, So You May Need Help When it Comes to Paying Bail.

Drug charges are serious business, especially in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is very strict on drug crimes. When it comes to penalties and the price of bail in these cases however, costs can vary greatly. We’d love to assist you through the bail process by providing your family member or friend with affordable and timely bond service. Are you in need of a bail bond agent right now? Then give our team a call at 918-592-2245 to speak with one of our experts. You’ll see why so many locals choose Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds for drug charge bail bonds in Tulsa, OK!

Factors that Effect Bail Price on Drug-Related Charges

While Oklahoma has stricter drug laws in general when compared with many other states, not all substances are treated equally. These substances are categorized according to likelihood of abuse and potential for developing physical and psychological dependence. A helpful breakdown of the substances can be found here, but here are some common examples.

  • Schedule I (Strictest Control): LSD, GHB, Morphine, Heroin
  • Schedule II: Cocaine, Opium, Meth
  • Schedule III: Anabolic Steroids, Barbiturates
  • Schedule IV: Ephedrine, Phenobarbital, Other Prescription Medications
  • Schedule V (Least Strict Control): Limited Amounts of Codeine, Limited Opioids

Drug charges involving schedule I and II substances can be prohibitively expensive, especially for repeat offenders. These are usually prosecuted as felony charges. Schedule III drugs and subsequent categories are usually treated as misdemeanor charges when it comes to possession.

There are multiple types of drug charges, including possession, intent to distribute, and trafficking. Distribution and trafficking come with the most costly penalties and fines, as well as steeper bail prices. If your loved one or friend has been accused of circulating a controlled substance, you’ll likely need the services of our local bail bondsmen.

Drug Charge Bail Bonds, Affordable and Fast

When you’re wanting to make sure your loved one faces as little prison time as possible (prior to their court appearance), make sure you contact our Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds team as soon as you can. You can contact us anytime at 918-592-2245 to learn more information about our drug charge bail bonds in Tulsa, OK and surrounding cities.