Confidential Arrest Warrant Bail

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Your Criminal Defense Attorney and Bail Officer Can Help You Avoid Jail Time Prior to Your Hearing.

Learning about an unknown arrest warrant can be scary, but it’s not as uncommon as you may think. A warrant for arrest can be issued for many things, even for something as simple as unpaid traffic fines. When you discover there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it’s helpful to have an understanding bail bondsman there to smooth the process. Depending on the nature of the crime, your attorney and your bondsman may be able to arrange your bail without you facing prison time before trial. We’d love to help you through this difficult circumstance! Give our team a call today at 918-592-2245. We’ll talk you through your next steps and prepare arrest warrant bail in Tulsa, OK or your nearby city.

Dealing With Outstanding Arrest Warrants

First of all, the best step you can take when you uncover a warrant is to take a deep breath. Even if the criminal charge on the warrant is severe, your best course of action is confirm the warrant. You can do this through a criminal defense attorney, who will reach out to the court on your behalf. Once you’ve coordinated with your lawyer, you can arrange a safe and discreet arrest time.

Arranging Your Arrest Warrant Bail

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Reacting Calmly But Quickly is Crucial When it Comes to Outstanding Arrest Warrants.

Be sure to ask your lawyer about the potential bail price. You may need to contact a local bondsman for arrest warrant bail, especially if the criminal charge on the warrant is a felony offenseThis way, when the judge or magistrate determines the price of your bail, you can pay it immediately with little to no jail time prior to your court hearing.

Our team at Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds would be happy to help you arrange your arrest warrant bail in Tulsa, OK or a nearby city. You may feel alarmed by the outstanding warrant, but we can help, whether your criminal charge is a misdemeanor or a felony charge. It’s important that you act calmly but quickly, so you can have time with your attorney to arrange the ideal arrest location and time. If you’d like more information about our services, give our team a call at 918-592-2245!