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If you've learned of an outstanding warrant against you, don't ignore it

You'll just make your legal matters worse if you ignore or even attempt to flee from an outstanding warrant. Trust Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds to walk you through the warrant surrender process. We can post bail and keep you out of jail, too!

Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds is your warrant surrender specialist

If you have an outstanding warrant, you’re going to need the assistance of a reputable licensed bondsman. Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds can make the process as fast and easy as possible.

You'll receive the lowest rate possible - guaranteed! We also have financing options available.

Let us walk you through the warrant surrender process

  • Have us look up your warrant
  • Come to our office and fill up all necessary paperwork
  • A warrant surrender specialist will escort you to the jail
  • You will be booked in the jail if necessary
  • Our agent will post your bond
  • You're free to go until your court date
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Don't ignore an outstanding warrant
Turn to Rusty Roberts Bail Bonds for assistance


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